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Country Champion:
Prof. Bagrat G. Alekyan

Prof. E.V. Shlyakhto
Prof. Vladimir Ganyukov

Project manager:
Anna Bashkireva


Russian Scientific Society of Endovascular Therapies
Russian Society of Cardiology
Sibеrian Assoсiation of Intеrvеntional Cаrdiologists


Siberian Association of Interventional Cardiologists has joined the Stent for Life as an affiliate member after signing the Stent for Life declaration in Munich, in September, 2012.

Siberia is a challenging, non-uniform territory with harsh weather conditions. The distances are huge and the population density may vary greatly. The first participants of the SFL Project were the two Siberian regions with a total population of about 5 mln. people.

In 2013, another Russian region, the region of Samara, with the population of more than 3 mln. people, joined the SFL project and, in early 2015, SFL in Russia already included 5 regions, totaling up to 11 mln. people.

The goal of the SFL Siberia is to implement primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) program to treat patients with acute coronary syndrome, in particular ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), in order to lower the mortality of the Russian population. Consequently, one of the most important objectives is to increase awareness and change the perception of the population, regional and national governments and medical professionals about the role of primary PCI in the treatment of STEMI.

The project development in Russia is supported by Prof. B.G. Alekyan, President of the Russian Scientific Society of Endovascular Therapies and Prof. E.V. Shlyakhto, President of the Russian Society of Cardiology.

The number of primary PCIs is growing in all of the SFL regions by means of creating new PCI centers and increasing the number of primary PCIs in each of the created centers. In Krasnoyarsk, 3 primary PCI centers provide the full access to this highly effective procedure to STEMI patients. In 2015 5 new centers will be opened in Krasnoyarsk region.

At the end of 2013, a new center was opened in Kemerovo region with the aim of providing 60% primary PCI coverage.

More than 40% of STEMI patients in Samara region get primary PCI treatment (on average, in Russia this number does not exceed 5%!). Currently, in Samara region, 4 out of 5 PCI centers work 24/7 and the target is to make primary PCI the treatment of choice in up to 70% of all STEMIs.

Fig. 1. Evolution of the ‘pPCI vs fibrinolysis’ in the last 3 years (STEMI) in Kemerovo region
Kemerovo region

Fig. 2. Evolution of the ‘pPCI vs fibrinolysis’ in the last 3 years (STEMI) in Krasnoyarsk region
Krasnoyarsk region

Fig. 3. Evolution of the ‘pPCI vs fibrinolysis’ in the last 3 years (STEMI) in Samara region
Samara region

SFL activities in Russia:

  • Three National Russian conferences on Stent for Life principles took place in Moscow (October, 2012), Kemerovo (February, 2013) and Samara (June, 2013). First National ACS Forum supported by SFL with a dedicated SFL booth took place at Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery (October, 2014), with the participation of Assoc. Prof. Petr Kala, ambassador of the Stent for Life Initiative, and Dr. Kiril Karamfilof, Project Manager for SFL Bulgaria.
  • A resolution to the National Government was submitted. An official request to create the SFL National Steering Committee was sent to the Russian Ministry of Health. A working session was held under the Russian Ministry of Health to discuss the issue of ACS and cardiovascular mortality burden.
  • Regional SFL Steering Committees were created in Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Kemerovo and Buriyatia regions.
  • A meeting of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences members devoted to a higher access of patients to primary PCI took place in Moscow, in February, 2013.
  • National ACS/STEMI Registry is being established in Russian regions in the framework of the Cardiovascular Governmental Program and SFL initiative.
  • Several conferences on emergency cardiology in the framework of the SFL Initiative were held in the Siberian Federal District.
  • The first 2013 issue of ‘Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases’ Kemerovo Medical Journal represented a Russian SFL guide,with an article by Assoc. Prof. Petr Kala.
  • Patient awareness campaign ACT NOW. SAVE A LIFE started in several Russian regions taking part in the Stent for Life initiative.


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